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Hello there, my name is Denny Cyan, I am from Germany, I am operating at Treking Laser screed, we are a specialist supplier of concrete machinery. Our main products are laser screed, power screed, concrete float machine, power trowel, truss screed, concrete helicopter machine and spin screed for sale, please call us if you need these items. As a Civil Engineering (Roadway and Bridge) grad, I enjoy the Civil Design profession and also have actually spent a large amount of enthusiasm as well as power right into it. I have actually been proactively taking part in a variety of expert method opportunities, the basic expertise of housing building as well as design of some basic knowledge as well as built up a great deal of area experience. A series of business work has enabled me to build up useful social work experience, to make sure that I have actually found out to think, find out to act, discover how to work with others, work out the business abilities and also interaction as well as coordination skills, as well as grow the concept of tireless, willing to dedicate, care about the collective, pragmatic and modern!

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